30% of companies say that their businesses are now 100% remote, however with these global shifts in the traditional workplace, “working from home”  gave birth to new challenges.

Managing distractions, maintaining focus and being able to “un-plug” have become the main threat within work from home scenarios, while remaining productive is essential to a balanced, cohesive and happy home environment.

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image of man helping his daughter with her home work
Image of woman talking on the phone and working with her baby in a cot in the background
image of woman working from home with her kids playing games on the floor

Our Vision is simple

Wolf of WoHo was founded with the belief that absolutely anyone can achieve success in their professional field of expertise under the right environmental & mindset conditions, even if they are working from a “home office”.

We take our calling from the Wolf, who represents strong family foundations, loyalty, connection, education, understanding, and intelligence. Wolves have the strongest of supernatural powers and possess over 200 million scent cells.

Wolf of WoHo helps you harness your innermost strengths so you can protect and promote your emotional, mental and physical well-being allowing you to transform into your most effective and true self.

We take up the mission to scour the planet for the most unique, performance and well-being-enhancing products to help one million people who work from home, not only meet their expectations but exceed their most desirable aspirations.

our values


    Our team strives to understand & empathise with all our customers.


    We thrive on providing immense value at every opportunity.

  • Transformation

    Delivering more than just health & wellness supplements.

Quality assurance

  • Where available, our health & well-being supplements are 100% certified organic.
  • All Supplements are FDA Compliant and Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Certified
  • Primarily sourced in the USA and Latvia, packaged and shipped from the USA.

Wolf of WoHo takes sustainability seriously, that is why all of our supplement & apparel  products are shipped in either cardboard or die-cut boxes, filled with crumpled recycled craft paper to prevent any damage to the products. Additionally, all of the products within the order are wrapped separately in biodegradable recycled craft paper.