Boost Productivity While Working Remotely: The Power of Mindfulness and a Positive Mindset

Boost Productivity While Working Remotely: The Power of Mindfulness and a Positive Mindset

Boost Productivity While Working Remotely: The Power of Mindfulness and a Positive Mindset 

While some people prefer the use of nootropics to improve memory and other cognitive brain related functions to maintain positivity, it's essential to understand you are in control of your thoughts -  what you think and how you think is the most powerful way to influence change in one self.

These are challenging times, characterized by a global pandemic, increased cost of living, inflation, and widespread uncertainty. The pressures of working from home can become overwhelming. It can feel like there is no escape from the pressures of home if you are surrounded by constant reminders of how expensive and uncertain life is at the moment. This can make working from home extra challenging.

Life can start to feel drab, like a constant repeat of groundhog day, and you may eventually notice your mood and your mindset start to slip into grey or dark territory.

Inevitability this can lead to a negative mindset and view of everything, leaving you at risk of neglecting your relationships, responsibilities, employment, and productivity.

It is essential to be aware of your mental state while working remotely and find healthy ways to manage stress levels to ensure optimum professional productivity.

In extreme cases, your relationships can become strained, leading to divorce. You may seek out unhealthy substances that temporarily boost your mood or numb the boredom leading to substance abuse or even alcoholism. Not in all cases but in some, this can lead to abuse of the people around you, either emotionally or physically. For some, it will never get to this level, but for others, it can.

It is absolutely not worth the risk of damaging your life and your relationships or endangering your employment and income stream when a few changes can help you improve your mindset and bring you back to a mindful way of living.

Working from home and struggling with a negative mindset that constantly seems to make you feel that doom and gloom are all there is to look forward to will affect not only your work performance but other areas in life that you don't want to be effected. It is well known that working in a toxic or hostile work environment is very damaging to anyone's productivity, so when working from home, you need to consider if the working environment is toxic or if your mindset and lack of mindfulness are creating toxicity.

So rather than just looking at the lack of work productivity, all aspects of working from home need to be considered, such as relationships, responsible consumption of alcohol and your own behavior. So let's look at the main areas in your life that can improve with implementing a positive Mindset and mindfulness, how that can improve your lifestyle, mood, overall mental health, and in turn, your professional relationships and productivity. 


How a Positive Mindset and Practicing Mindfulness Can Improve My Relationship and Avoid Relationship Damage.

Your home is supposed to be where you rest, where you go to be at peace and respite. However, if you work from home or are a remote worker, this can be very far from the truth if you need help with an unproductive and negative mindset. Considering that home is supposed to be the place where you relax after spending hours at work grinding away, and it is now where you work, it can be hard to separate the two. It can also be incredibly challenging if you have a partner or spouse in the same position. Home can start to feel like a prison you can't escape, and the tension and pressure can easily slip over into your intimate relationships.

This is why the tips from the previous article on how to set up time blocks and have a designated working space are also important.

In 2013 a study found that 57.7% of divorces in America were due to too much conflict in the family. In 2013 there was not the pressure on family units that there is today, with not only the pandemic directly effecting work from home challenges, but also homeschooling children while trying to get work done. Those numbers are likely higher now, but there are no current statistics on that at the moment.

Many factors can influence the likelihood of divorce. However, research has found that couples with a more positive attitude towards their relationship tend to have higher levels of relationship satisfaction and lower levels of conflict, which can benefit the relationship's stability. Additionally, having a positive outlook on life, in general, has been linked with better mental and physical health, which can also contribute to the success of relationships, both personal and professional. Seeing things in a positive light improves your mood and, in turn, your productivity, regardless of the task. 

Improving Your Mindset and Mindfulness as a Remote Worker May Reduce your Risk Of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. 

Ignoring the signs of a constantly negative mindset and negative thoughts due to stress and burnout can lead to all sorts of problems. For example, during the recent global shut down, it became more and more common for people to have a glass of wine, a beer or a spirit at night because they didn't have to worry about the commute in the morning or even having to leave the house. While there is nothing wrong with a knockoff drink, when you are drinking for the wrong reasons, such as stress, to escape or to be numb from negative thoughts, it is a slippery slope and easy to be caught up in suddenly. 

Some evidence suggests that mindfulness and a positive mindset may be beneficial in reducing the risk of alcohol and substance abuse. For example, research has found that mindfulness-based interventions, which involve paying attention to one's thoughts and emotions in a non-judgmental way, can effectively reduce alcohol and substance use among individuals with substance abuse disorders. Additionally, having a positive outlook on life and cultivating positive emotions has been linked with better mental and physical health, which may make individuals less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol and substance abuse.

Learning to be mindful of your thoughts, recognizing and combating negative thoughts and behaviors and implementing actions to change your mindset to positive, naturally lead to healthier, happier and more productive thoughts. This leads to a life you do not need to escape from, a professional mindset that does not lead to burnout and better overall health.

A positive mindset and mindfulness will assist you if you have become addicted to resist the urge to relapse, as it makes you resilient. In addition, a positive mindset increases willpower, increases mental strength and will assist you in achieving your goals personally and professionally.

Mindfulness also allows people struggling with addiction or substance abuse a chance for recovery. Through mindful practice, we can learn to recognize cravings, urges, and emotional reactions as we become aware of our thoughts and emotions. Through this awareness, we can develop a sense of control over our impulses, leading to greater self-regulation and more healthy decision-making. When we are in the moment, our attention is on what we're doing instead of being triggered by outside influences. So by practicing mindfulness regularly, people working from home have a better chance of steering themselves toward success despite any obstacles they encounter. 

A Negative Mindset and Lack of Mindful Living Can lead to Health Problems, Both Physical and Mentally, for Remote Workers. 

Working from home can mean running your own business, working remotely for a company or a combination of both. While it may have seemed incredible at first, over time, you might find yourself struggling with stress and feel like there is no solution or escape. Not actively taking steps to rectify this, such as adjusting your mindset, and living mindfully, can lead to physical problems. Yes, stress can affect your health quite severely. The most common problems that start as minor issues that lead to big problems are: 

  1. Disturbed or Unhealthy Sleeping Habits - Tired people are unhappy people. The inability to sleep due to overthinking, negative thoughts and stress have physical implications. Over the long term can lead to heart disease, diabetes and mental health issues.

  2. Emotional and Comfort eating - Comfort food is absolutely a thing, and our brains can very quickly learn to associate smells and taste with comfort—especially foods such as chocolate that release happy hormones.

  3. Mood Disturbances, both short and long-term - Nobody's mood is improved with stress. Anger and sudden outbursts, exceptionally touchy and perhaps even tears, can be common if you have a negative mindset and don't see any positives.

  4. Digestive Issues - Stress, Anxiety and constant tension can cause indigestion, stomach cramps, lack of appetite, or overconsumption of food where feelings of anxiety that manifest in the belly are mistaken for hunger.

  5. Muscle tension, headaches and migraines - Stress causes the body to tense muscles, leading to tension and pain. Often you will also experience headaches.

  6. Mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression - lack of sleep, gaining weight, hopelessness and stress can lead to long-term mental illnesses.

  7. Hormone and Chemical Imbalances - chronic stress can cause cortisol imbalances that lower serotonin levels. This leads to low moods, anxiety and, in extreme cases, depression. 

A positive mindset and mindful living is not just having positive thoughts. It is a matter of putting those positive thoughts into action. It is living mindfully and making good choices, such as not having that drink after work and going for a walk instead.

A positive mindset is only partially what fixes it. Instead, it is the actions that having a positive mindset and living mindfully lead you to make. 

How A Positive Mindset Can Increase Productivity When You Work From Home. 

Having a positive mindset can be integral to harnessing productivity and focus in your life. Believing that you can succeed at any task helps you stay motivated, no matter how daunting or challenging it might seem.

Positivity not only strengthens the motivation to execute the task but also provides a realistic framework for tackling any roadblocks encountered along the way. Additionally, cultivating a positive mindset eliminates negative thoughts from hampering your progress and gives you more energy and enthusiasm to achieve your goals. Therefore, you can maximize productivity and focus on your desired objectives by consciously instilling optimism into your mental toolbox.

When you embrace a positive attitude, you are more likely to enjoy your work, have better relationships with others, and experience overall contentment in life. In addition to improving moods and outlooks on life, working from home with a positive mindset can lead to greater success in professional enterprises. 

There are several activities an individual can perform to cultivate a positive mindset. These include:

  1. Regular physical exercise,
  2. Practicing techniques of mindfulness,
  3. Maintaining healthy eating habits,
  4. Finding positive role models to learn from,
  5. Expressing gratitude for life, family and friends,
  6. Reframing negative thought patterns, and
  7. Setting achievable goals for oneself.  

What Is Mindfulness and How Can I Start Being Mindful To Improve My Productivity As A Remote Worker?   

Mindfulness is an approach to life that centers around being conscious of your thoughts, feelings and environment. It is known to:

  1. Help reduce stress,
  2. Improve creativity,
  3. Improve interpersonal relationships and
  4. Increase overall well-being.

Mindfulness involves being present at the moment with curiosity and acceptance. This means accepting thoughts and emotions, understanding their connection to events in the past or present, but letting go of judgment or attachment to how things should be or could have been. It means taking time throughout the day to observe your mental state regarding yourself and the environment around you with kindness and patience. As a result, you will become more aware of what is happening within you so that you can respond from a place of greater emotional intelligence than act impulsively according to habit. 

Mindfulness is the intentional awareness of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and the external environment. It helps keep your thoughts and emotions balanced so that distraction does not interfere with focus on the task. For example, if you work from home, taking regular breaks to tune into your thoughts can be beneficial by allowing for a sense of calmness instead of being overwhelmed by stressful situations and deadlines. Additionally, when done correctly, mindfulness can help develop and strengthen practices of self-regulation and self-control which are vital skills when working remotely. Ultimately, practicing mindfulness has the potential to boost productivity while also helping build a healthier level of performance and well-being. 

There are several ways that you can begin practicing mindfulness at home. Some popular methods include: 

  • Meditation: Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is arguably one of the best ways to develop a genuine sense of mindfulness within oneself. Multiple online apps provide guided meditations, or you can sit quietly and focus on your breathing for a certain period of time. This requires little to no equipment or previous experience; all it takes is a quiet space away from distractions and the willingness to practice consistently. 
  • Body scan: Another great way to practice mindfulness at home is by using body-scan exercises where you lay down, close your eyes and slowly move your attention through various body parts, starting with the head and moving downwards towards the feet. When focusing on each area of the body, try to generate awareness of any sensations that may be present such as tingling, pressure, warmth, coolness, etc. It can take some time to master this exercise; if you find yourself distracted, bring your awareness back to the present moment and continue with your body scan. 
  • Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way of becoming more mindful as it forces you to be in the present moment by primarily focusing on your breathing and postural alignment while holding various poses. If you can find or create a dedicated space at home that has minimal distractions, this can be an excellent way of practicing mindfulness daily. 

There are many ways in which you can begin practicing mindfulness and develop a Positive Attitude when working from home. Some require little equipment or previous experience, while others involve guided meditation sessions or yoga practices. Whatever methods resonate most strongly with you should be utilized to reap the maximum benefit from this exercise. With practice, mindfulness will become more and more second nature to you as your confidence and peace of mind grow. 

Unlock the full potential of your mind and body by harnessing the power of a positive mindset, mindfulness, and strategic techniques like time blocking, productivity-boosting supplements, and physical activity. This holistic approach will not only improve your workflow and quality of work but also elevate your overall wellbeing to new heights.



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